Nicole Kush 2.0 feminized 5-pack


Very large yields



Nicole Kush 2.0

This unbelievable and exclusive new Kush-species boasts large amounts of THC-resin and dense ferm buds. This Kush-species has never been seen before, boasting a mild and sweet lemon flavor combined with a potent smell, just like it’s sister, Nicole Kush. You will find this new species exclusively at Seeds Genetics.

Nicole Kush 2.0 originated from cross-breeding Nicole Kush with Kosher Kush and Candy Kush. Nicole Kush 2.0 is a stable, indica dominated species, producing a deliciously fresh lemon-like flavor. Nicole Kush 2.0 contains among the highest levels of THC available within the Kush species family. Nicole Kush 2.0 is highly productive with a reachable indoor yield of up to 1000gr/m2 and an outdoor yield of up to 1500 grams per plant.

Nicole Kush 2.0 cannabis seeds characteristics

  • – Exclusive Kush-species
  • – Indica dominant
  • – Suited for indoor as well as outdoor cultivation
  • – Very large yields
  • – High levels of THC
  • – Lemon-like flavor

Information on Nicole Kush 2.0 cannabis seeds

Flowering period:  8 – 9 weeks
Genetics:  Nicole Kush x Kosher Kush x Candy Kush
75% indica, 25% sativa
Tallest plants outdoor:  150 – 210 cm
Outdoor harvesting season: june till october
Indoor yield:   750 – 1000 gr / m²
Outdoor yield:  250 – 1500 gr / plant
THC levels:  High


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