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Bubblegum feminized 5-pack


Sweet flavor



Bubblegum weed seeds belong to a poppular weed species which is known all over the world. These feminized bubblegum seeds have been awarded several awards: HighLife Hemp Fair Cup en Cannabis Champions Cup.
Bubblegum is a cannabis plant that develops cone-shaped buds over the full length of it’s branches during the flowering period. These take shape by an explosive formation of flowers resulting in dense, big buds. This species is suited for indoor as well as outdoor cultivation.
Smoking this weed results in a nice sweet chewing gum flavor and results in an intense and euforic high.

Bubblegum weed seeds characteristics

– Popular species
– High yield
– High THC content
– Sweet taste
– Suited for indoor as well as outdoor cultivation

Information on Bubblegum weed seeds

Flowering period: 8 – 9 weeks
Genetic make-up: Indiana Bubblegum
25% sativa, 75% indica
Tallest plants outdoors: 90 – 200 cm
Outdoor harvesting season: van juni tot oktober
Indoor yield: 500 – 600 gr / m²
Outdoor yield: 100 – 350 gr / plant
THC content: High


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