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Seeds Genetics offers high quality cannabis seeds at affordable prices. We only select and breed the highest quality cannabis seeds with excellent genetics. Within our product range you will find the best cannabis seeds for good harvests and high yields. We offer feminized as well as autoflower seeds.

Seeds Genetics is your solution for buying the best seeds. We sell the popular feminized America species and Amnesia Haze seeds.

Cannabis seeds species

  1. Feminized cannabis seeds: The plants that grow from these seeds are 99.9% female. These marijuana seeds have been genetically adjusted, so they don’t contain male chromosomes. Occasionally there might be a hermaphrodite seed among them. Plants that grow from hermaphrodite seeds possess male as well as female characteristics. Hermaphrodite seeds should be removed in order to prevent fertilization.
  2. Feminized autoflower cannabis seeds: also called flowering seeds. These seeds flower automatically after 2 to 4 weeks. Therefore these plants need less attention and are highly suited for outdoor cultivation. Nearly all autoflower seeds are of female sex.

You will find extended information regarding storing seeds and cannabis seed germination on this website.

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